Modular Models


Saturday 17.07.2021
Sunday 18.07.2021
12:00 – 21:00

The Mothership, Albert Grisarstraat 52,  Antwerp

The Mothership is delighted to announce the opening of the exhibition by Alexey Shlyk and Ben Van den Berghe in collaboration with Atelier Oh. ‘Modular Models’ examines potential modes of exhibition making, thereby referencing the imaginative, sculptural and socio-cultural meanings of architectural models.

Space and image have long been the defining parameters of Shlyk’s and Van den Berghe’s collaborative practice. ‘Modular Models’ introduces a new chapter in their research into the embodied experience of these two elements. With their modular building sets, they have not only devised a practical tool to envision transformative spatial installations, but also a triggering method to study and play with photographic architecture.

Conceived as a work-in-progress residency, the exhibition invites visitors - over the course of an opening and closing weekend - to activate and engage with the materials, opening up different perspectives and possibilities. In-situ interventions relate their ongoing work to the modular mechanics of the peculiar gallery space.

Closing weekend: 

Sat&Sun, 4/5 September 2021 

12 – 21 h

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Swan Song : Virtual Escape

Opening Weekend: 28-30 May 2021 // 14 – 21h

Finissage: 25 June 2021 // 14h – 21h 

Gallery Gallery, Schoenstraat 58, Antwerp

Ancient belief has it that before swans pass away, they belt out a final graceful chant. But do they sing their most beautiful song out of sorrow for what has been, or solace for what has yet to come? 

‘Swan Song’ is the first instalment of Shlyk’s and Van den Berghe’s ongoing research project ‘Virtual Escape’. It explores the disturbing impact of image technology on the necessity of human physical presence, thereby raising questions about the status of the constructed, idealized image that lasts eternally. Consisting of photographic works and a four-channel soundscape, the installation takes over the exhibition space, immersing viewers in an unsettling atmosphere of vanity, of the passing show of life. 

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Track and Trace, Kortrijk

  • Photo Festival Track and Trace 

13.03.2021 - 25.04.2021 

Texture Museum, Kortrijk

Final days to visit the 3rd iteration of our installation “Private Eden” from 2018 as part of the photofestival Track and Trace at Texture museum in Kortrijk! 

The Appleseed Necklace at Fotogalleri VasliSouza

• Solo Exhibition at Fotogalleri VasliSouza

  25.09.2020 - 01.11.2019

  Friede Damplassen 21   0852, Oslo, Norway

The Appleseed Necklace is based on Alexey Shlyk’s childhood memories. In this work, small personal anecdotes become socio-historical investigations into human flexibility, creativity and survival instinct. A bicycle wheel is turned into a chandelier, a broken vase is painstakingly glued back together and a chicken house is constructed from scrap wood. Shlyk carefully builds facsimiles of memories: they are not, therefore, the things themselves. These objects have passed through the complex filter of time that determines what remains and what is lost. His images are actually as subjective as photography itself, which chops and changes time while pretending to show reality. Alexey Shlyk’s photographic work places itself simultaneously in the present and the past and forms an ode to the minuscule acts that carry the weight of history.

Home Sweet Home



  Friedensplatz and Herrngarten, Darmstadt, Germany

As part of the 11. Darmstadt Photography Days “Bizarre Escapes – Humour in photography”, the Kunstforum der TU Darmstadt shows its first outdoor photography exhibition HOME SWEET HOME. At six central locations in the city and in the Konsum Mathildenhöhe (Pützerstraße 6, 64283 Darmstadt) the Kunstforum der TU Darmstadt presents 90 photographic works by international artists and make them usable for art in public space for the first time in Germany.

The exhibition, curated by Julia Reichelt (Head of the Kunstforum der TU Darmstadt), brings together AdeY, Katrin Binner, Anna & Bernhard Blume, Ren Hang, Andy Kassier, Pixy Liao, Alexey Shlyk, Iiu Susiraja and Erwin Wurm. 

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