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The exhibition is organized on the occasion of the new integrated site of Sint Lucas Antwerp, which thereby wishes to initiate a first collaboration with the Royal Orthopedagogical Centre Antwerp (KOCA) curated by Ralph Collier. 
Participating artists: Stefan Bakmand, Ignace Cami, Liesje De Laet & Katinka De Jonge, Oscar Hugal, Susan Kuijpers. Clara Lissens, Kai Lossgot, An Onghena, Ananda Serne, Veroniek Van Samang, Tim Verherstraeten, Emma Verhulst. 
For the project I have installed my new work ‘Winter Sauerkraut’ tablecloth at KOCA Antwerp. The online gallery with the photographs by KOCA students is here:  >> more info

Currents #6: Good Intentions exhibition at Marres, Maastricht 14.12.1810.02.19

exhibition view, Currents #6: Good Intentions group exhibition in Marres, Maastricht

I am happy to be a part of the group exhibition Currents #6: Good Intentions’ in Marres, House for Contemporary Culture in Maastricht curated by Marian Cousijn, Anne Ruygt and Bertan Selim.

Currents #6: Good Intentions presents the work of 17 emerging artists who recently graduated from Belgian, Dutch and German academies. This year’s theme Good Intentions, brings together personal stories and political statements dealing with identity, youth and cultural traditions. From twerking to vlogging children, from the French Revolution to drone warfare and from pickling chestnuts to selling your soul for ice cream: Good Intentions has it all.

Many of the selected artists moved to the Euregion from different parts of the world. Through their work they reflect on society and contemplate belonging in today’s established socio-political order. The artists treat subjects ranging from happiness to alienation; from controversial histories to the perversity of the internet. Their works question morality and focus on the tension that occurs between cultural appropriation, conformism and individualism.

Good Intentions combines photography, video, installation, performance, print and sculpture. Centering on the artists’ personal perspectives and experiences, the exhibition illustrates the complexity of self-definition in today’s world. 

Participating artists: Elena Aya Bundurakis, Pavel Balta,  Jonas BrinkerLiesel BurischSjoerd Houben, Nimrod Karmi, Susanne Khalil Yusef, Yorgos MaraziotisKim Nuijen, Eric Patel, Pati PetrykowskaConstance Proux, Anna Rubbens, Bert Snaterse, Nasrin Tork and Joris Verleg and myself. 

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