Swan Song : Virtual Escape

Opening Weekend: 28-30 May 2021 // 14 – 21h

Finissage: 25 June 2021 // 14h – 21h 

Gallery Gallery, Schoenstraat 58, Antwerp

Ancient belief has it that before swans pass away, they belt out a final graceful chant. But do they sing their most beautiful song out of sorrow for what has been, or solace for what has yet to come? 

‘Swan Song’ is the first instalment of Shlyk’s and Van den Berghe’s ongoing research project ‘Virtual Escape’. It explores the disturbing impact of image technology on the necessity of human physical presence, thereby raising questions about the status of the constructed, idealized image that lasts eternally. Consisting of photographic works and a four-channel soundscape, the installation takes over the exhibition space, immersing viewers in an unsettling atmosphere of vanity, of the passing show of life. 

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