(Within C/A/C Group; Belarus 2012)

Our consciousness is facing the problem of interpretation. What do we see, what do we think of it when we see it, how does a particular phenomenon alter when it is put into a different context? – these are the key questions raised in “Subconscious” project.

This project consists of five installations, each one composed of a sculpture and a silver gelatine photograph on polished steel. Thus paradoxical human body in a sculpture interacts with a figurative photograph on the imitated mirror.  This always different interaction (between these two physical objects) creates a third mental object that belongs solely to the viewer’s subconscious.

5 mixed media installations, various sizes (Sculptor – Anton Nichiparuk)

'The Puddle', liquid emulsion on polished steel 160x90 cm, bronze sculpture (hand), 2012

'Twist', wax sculpture, silver gelatine emulsion on 5 polished steel circles 200x180 cm, 2012

'Reflection', Wax sculpture, Silver gelatine emulsion on polished steel 100x200 cm, 2012

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