(Within C/A/C Group; Belarus, 2011)

This project joins together eighteen photographs or, better to say, photo-objects on wood panels and five sculptures made of bronze and wax.

These artworks examine the primal beauty of human body and the crossover between femininity and masculinity. Although we call   into question the concept of ‘archetype’ and the universal symbols it might entail, we are more interested in what resides beyond the realm of the quintessence of human body, such as imperfection, the ordinary, the effects of the passing of time, and the dramatic nature of humanness.

Using wood panels is not innocent: it is a reference to the tradition of icons paintings. Such reference  allows to transform the ordinary into unique, visually banal actions into sacral ceremonials. It brings flat photographs into corporeal existence, making them tangible objects. Far from implying any religious commentaries, these artworks convey   reflections on life, death, existence and embodiment.

Blending  together literalism and symbolism, these close-up photo-objects disclose traces of man  and women,  their strength, their fragility,  their fear.  Their bodies  torn  apart  then  recomposed on thick piece of wood or bronze  are  to  constitute  a new body, a new flesh. These artworks speak in a heterogeneous visual language: the contemporary questions of gender counter the ‘archaism’ of the techniques.

Silver gelatine emulsion author prints on oak and cedar wood boards, various sizes, unique

Alexey Shlyk, 2011, Oak board, liquid emulsion 60x82 cm

Alexey Shlyk, 2011, Oak board, liquid emulsion 63x72 cm

Alexey Shlyk, 2011, Cedar board, liquid emulsion 93x40 cm

Alexey Shlyk, 2011, Oak board, liquid emulsion 72x64 cm

Alexey Shlyk, 2011, 3 cedar boards, liquid emulsion 109x116 cm

Alexey Shlyk, 2011, 5 oak boards 2 cedar boards, liquid emulsion 322x412 cm

Alexey Shlyk, 2011, Oak board, liquid emulsion 94x68 cm

Alexey Shlyk, 2011, Oak board, liquid emulsion 52x105 cm

Alexey Shlyk, 2011, Oak board, liquid emulsion 193 x 90 cm

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