(Belarus 2013)

At  first glance it seems that you are facing a pagan  icon, an image of a woman in all her  plentitude. Taken from another angle, the female body becomes more a symbol of the mother, the allegory of the gift of life. The sensuality is magnified and the mannequin body is turned into truncated epitome of feminine  delicacy.

Like a mirror of the soul, these images offer mirror of the women to be viewed through our own eyes and to experiment with our own body, as an attempt to decipher the deepest secrets of a woman and to understand what it is to be one.

All the photographs are unique silver gelatin prints on the polished steel. This special technique adds firmness, brightness and extremely fine grain, thereby adorning the body of the woman with her finery. This printing technique gives the photographs a mirror finish, allowing the external environment as well as the viewer to reflect on the body. Thus the  viewer is invited to engage in intimate connection bordering with voyeurism.

With A. Valahanovich

Series of 9 photographs, Varnished liquid emulsion author print on polished stainless steel, steel frame 35.5x40 cm, unique

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